• “The Long Wet Grass” is an astonishing short film. Evocative, lyrical and terrifying.”  Rebecca Chace (New York Times Notable Author)

  • “I love the flashbacks to their childhood and the sense of history – and love – between the characters.” Christian O’Reilly (Sanctuary, The Good Father, Chapatti)

  • The Long Wet Grass is deeply poignant, evocative and suspenseful.” Philomena Connors (New York Irish Arts)

  • The Long Wet Grass brilliantly captures the intimate dimension of the violence in the Northern Ireland conflict.” Danielle Zach, PhD. (Frances S. Patai Postdoctoral Fellow, The City College of New York.)

  • “An austere and gorgeous rendering of Seamus Scanlon’s haunting tale of love, violence and moral dilemma that here accompanies Victor McGowan, Scanlon’s edgy and unforgettable nutcase of an IRA officer, as he navigates murder at Callow Lake, County Mayo, 1997.” – Janet Coleman (Cat Radio Cafe on WBAI, 99.5 NYC)

  • “The journey in The Long Wet Grass is a poignant, often metaphoric, labor of love and pathos.” Deborah Greenhut(Medium)

  • “The Long West Grass is an emotionally wrenching and beautifully written and acted film that leaves the viewer haunted by its treatment of tragic inevitability. In a world where violence in film is depicted as comic and arbitrary, Seamus Scanlon presents a searing and authentic picture of its costs for two young people as they encounter each other for the last time.”  – Dr Sarah Covington, CUNY Graduate Center and Head of Irish Studies, Queen’s College, CUNY.

  •  “The Long Wet Grass is a visual poem nurtured by the strong narrativeof the great writer Seamus Scanlon.” –  Dr. Carlos Velasquez Torres, Department of Languages & Culture, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico.