Justin Davey

Justin began producing/directing experimental short films in late 2014 in Los Angeles. He co-created the award-winning Irish short film ‘Adulting’ in 2016 after which he was commissioned to direct Seamus Scanlon’s ‘The Long Wet Grass.’ Currently, he freelances as a videographer for UNFCCC and is producing his first independent documentary on the issue of climate change. He graduated from the University of Exeter, UK and has a Master’s in Global Affairs from NYU.

Anna Nugent

Anna is an actress, producer and facilitator. Her screen credits include ‘Lucille Wright’ in the soon to be released feature film WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE, directed by Stacie Passon, ‘Emily’ in LAW & ORDER: SVU, the award winning documentary SHE’S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE’S ANGRY, CHECKING IN, THE UNUSUAL INVENTIONS OF HENRY CAVENDISH, the voice of ‘Phyllis’ in the Irish animated feature UGLY DUCKLING & ME, and ‘Penelope’ in the web series 30,000 TO ONE which she also co-produced and co-wrote.

Anna won the Best Actress Award for the 1st Irish Theatre Festival in New York in 2014 for her role as ‘Woman’ in THE MCGOWAN TRILOGY and has numerous theatre credits in Ireland and the USA. Anna co-produces the NEWvember New Plays Festival with AboutFACE Ireland, of which she is a founding member.

Nancy Manocherian


Nancy is a lyricist, playwright and producer. Writing credits include: Sin!; Rio, a Brazilian musical novella (Theatre for the New City); Dinner and Delusion, an opera co-written with composer Michael Sahl (The Center for Contemporary Opera/New York City Opera’s VOX Festival); Hey Jude. Her passion is for the arts and her dream is the cell, a 21st century salon of which she is the Founding Artistic Director.

Paul Nugent

Paul is an actor, writer, director and producer. He most recently appeared on the 2017 Italian tour of Capitalism: The Musical. Theatre in New York, UK and Ireland includes The McGowan Trilogy, The Biscuit Club, McGoldrick’s Thread, The Field and Ladies & Gents. Paul is Co-Artistic Director of AboutFACE Ireland and creator/co-producer of the annual NEWvember New Plays Festival, held since 2011 in Tivoli, upstate New York. TV: “The Blacklist” (NBC), “Custer’s Last Stand-Up” (BBC). Recent film includes the short The Long Wet Grass, docu-series Hamlet in Pieces and webseries 30,000 to One. More at

Lakshika Serasinhe

Lakshika Serasinhe is a film maker based in Galway. He was born in Sri
Lanka and moved to Ireland at the age of 10. He studied digital media
design at university and now specialises in cinematography and

Lakshika is passionate about film making technology and equipment and
how they can influence the art form. This, combined with his childhood
fascination with storytelling and visual media, is what drives his
process and aesthetic.

Markéta Irglová 

Marketa Irglová is an Academy Award winning musician and actor born in Valasske Mezirici in the Czech Republic on February 28, 1988.

In 2004, Marketa met Glen Hansard of the band, The Frames through her father who was promoting their shows in the country.
In 2006, Marketa was approached by Glen to collaborate on music for a small Irish film he was being asked to score. The film was called, Once and was being made by The Frames one time bassist and Glen’s friend, John Carney.

Once went to Sundance in January 2007 with little to no expectation. The movie was made for around $150,000 and stared a complete unknown in Marketa and a relative unknown in Glen. The film featured a score by the two of them and won the World Cinema Audience Award. The movie was released to critical acclaim in May of the same year and the two were singled out for both their acting and singing performances in it. Throughout 2007 the two performed as The Swell Season and Marketa experienced her first time actually being “on tour”. It was an overwhelming time for someone fresh out of the U.S. equivalent to high school. But it was also a magical time as the journey seemed to be heading to a place nobody could have ever predicted.

At the start of 2008, one of the songs Marketa wrote with Hansard for Once “Falling Slowly” was nominated for, and subsequently won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Marketa became the first Czech woman to win an Oscar, and at 19-years-old became the youngest person to win an Oscar in a musical category. Glen and Marketa performed the song live on the Oscar broadcast at the famous Kodak Theater introducing the band to an even wider audience. When they went on stage to receive their awards, Marketa’s acceptance speech was preempted by the orchestra’s music cue to leave the stage. For the first time in the history of the awards show, Marketa was invited back to deliver her speech following the commercial break. A classic Oscar moment was born.

In the fall of 2009, The Swell Season released their second album, Strict Joy. Contained on it were two new compositions from Marketa, along with a number of duets with Glen. The record was released to both critical and commercial acclaim. The Swell Season would begin a world tour that would run until October of 2010. During this time Marketa fully blossomed into a seasoned performer. Buoyed by both Glen and a top-notch band that had accompanied the two off and on the previous three years, she had clearly become an artist to be reckoned with.

In the spring of 2012 she began recording her follow up album MUNA, in Iceland. She fell in love with the country and the people, and one person in particular. She is still there and is now the proud mother of a baby girl.

Peter Kinoy (Editor)

As the Editorial Director, Peter Kinoy heads the post-production work at Skylight.  Over a thirty year career he has developed a unique approach to visual storytelling that combines a deep empathy for human plight with a desire to explain, educate and point paths forward.  Since founding Skylight Pictures with Pamela Yates in 1981 Kinoy has made documentaries that let the audience feel part of unreported worlds.  He produced and edited When the Mountains Tremble, the prequel to Granito about a revolutionary movement in Guatemala that won a Special Jury Prize at the first Sundance Film Festival.

At the core of Peter’s work is the desire to create and use media for social change. Kinoy blends his skills as a master editor with his life long passion for social change to bring an urgency and commitment to Skylight projects. In the late 1980’s Kinoy helped to organize the New York chapter of the Union of the Homeless, work that led to a groundbreaking series of Skylight documentaries: Takeover, the story of homeless activists illegally seizing houses simultaneously in 8 U.S. cities was the first documentary in a trilogy about an underground anti-poverty movement in America that included Poverty Outlaw (Sundance-1997) and Outriders (PBS-1999). This trilogy has been compiled into one work titled Living Broke in Boom Times, which includes interviews with the leaders of the movement reflecting on lessons learned in the struggle.

Peter combined a deep concern for youth in poverty with small format video self-documentation to produce Teen Dreams,(Sundance 1995) a searing look at young people living on the edge.

The son of Arthur Kinoy, co-founder of the Center for Constitutional Rights, Peter returned to these roots taking audiences deep into the criminal justice system with the PBS national broadcast special Presumed Guilty (2002) a year inside the San Francisco Public Defenders office.  He edited the award winning State of Fear (Best Reporting on Latin America, Overseas Press Club), and The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court, (POV 2009) the story of the movement to create the ICC and its first 6 years of operation.

Granito-How to Nail a Dictator is the most recent in a long line of social justice documentaries.

Expanding on the post-production work at Skylight, Kinoy has mentored emerging filmmakers at City College of New York, Columbia University, Casa Comal in Guatemala, and at the International School of Film and Television in Cuba.  He was a founder of The Media College of the University of the Poor in the US.