The Long Wet Grass is a love story that is set in Ireland (1997) with the back drop of the conflict of the IRA (and the INLA) versus the British security apparatus which included the British Army, the RUC, the UDA and other Loyalist para military groups.

The universal theme of The Long Wet Grass is fanaticism, human connection, fealty and missed opportunities.

In this film the protagonist Victor has abducted his childhood sweetheart for a minor transgression.  The pull of their love and history wrestles with the push of the violence that Victor inhabits.

As a one-act play, The Long Wet Grass was originally developed and presented on the stage by Nancy Manocherian’s the cell as part of the longer play The McGowan Trilogy, which premiered Off-Broadway in 2014,  directed by Kira Simring, alongside associate director Brian Reager, where it won awards at the 1 st Irish Festival for best director, best actress and best design. The production was then remounted for its UK premiere in 2015 as the opening play of the new Kino-Teatr in St. Leonard’s-on- Sea in Sussex, in a co-production between the cell and Olga Manonova’s Kino-Teatr.